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Top 5 Favourite Charts on Twitter

Just for a bit of fun, I posted a survey asking my Twitter subscribers what were their five favourite charts (in no particular order).

While I only got a meagre 13 responses, I thought I’d post the responses anyway, since some people actually gave up some of their time to respond.

Here are the results:

5th Place:
Bubble Graphs + Area Graphs

charts charts


4th Place:
Heatmaps + Box & Whisker Plots

charts charts

3rd Place:
Line Graphs


2nd Place:


1st Place:
Bar Charts


So as you can see, the most well-known charts have come out on top. The only one I would consider unusual is Box & Whisker Plot because it’s a fairly complicated chart that’s typically used just by statisticians.

Other charts mentioned in responses include: Sunburst, Bee Swarm, Treemap, Line-Range Chart, Connected Scatterplot, Spider Chart, Slopegraph, Stacked Bar Graph, Lollipop Chart, Flow Map, Area Graph, Dendrogram, Network Diagram, Flow Chart, Cartogram, Histogram, Bullet Chart.


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