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Top 10 Most Viewed Reference Pages in 2017

When I first started this blog last year, I did a post looking at which of the chart reference pages on the site are the most popular. I used data collected from Google Analytics to find the total amount of page views between the start of the website (26th December 2013) to 4th February 2017.

However, the problem was that this data didn’t fairly measure all the page view equally. Some chart reference pages had been published earlier than others and had more time to rack up page views.

The final chart reference page I published was on 6th January 2017 for Parallel Coordinates Plots. So for the data displayed below, I’ve used a date range from the publishing of the last page to 6th January 2018.


Top Ten Chart Reference Pages by Page Views:

 data visualization 1st – Choropleth Map (22.1K)
2nd – Sunburst Diagram (21.8K)
 data visualization 3rd – Bar Chart (21.6K)
data visualization 4thChord Diagram (20.9K)
5thStacked Bar Graph (20.9K)
data visualization 6thDonut Chart (20.8K)
data visualization 7thTreemap (20.7K)
  8thRadar Chart (19.9K)
 data visualization 9thBubble Chart (18.6K)
10thDensity Plot (18.0K)

Next year, I will need to compare the results on this pages to that of the data from 2018-2019, to see if there are significant changes over the year.

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