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I’ve just done a complete overhaul of the design of the Resources page. This part of the website was long neglected and was in need of improvement. However, now I’ve updated the page to include a much larger collection of useful data visualisation related resources, each divided into categorical lists:

  • Data Sources – Useful websites for finding data and researching.
  • DataViz Blogs – Blogs that write about the practice and production of data visualisations and infographics.
  • Chart Generation (Code-Based) – Websites that contain tools or provide solutions to draw charts, but require the use of a programming language.
  • Chart Generation (WebApps) – Websites that contain tools or provide solutions to draw charts, without the need to write code.
  • Showcasing DataViz & Infographics – Websites or pages that showcase or collection data visualisation and infographic pieces of work. Useful for seeing examples.
  • Chart Libraries – Projects that contain a library or survey of different data visualisation methods.
  • Publications Using DataViz – Publications that primarily or heavily use infographics
  • Learning – Online resources for learning about data visualisation.
  • Podcasts – Audio blogs that often discuss the subject of data visualisation.
  • Infographic Builders – Online webtools you can use to build infographics with.
  • Conferences – Data Visualisation conferences worldwide.
  • Communities & Discussion – Online forums and message boards dedicated to data visualisation.

As I find new resources, I’ll try to update the page with them. I still need to spend some more time on some of the lists, which could need more links. But if you have any suggestions, then please feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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