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Violin Plot

violin plot


A Violin Plot is used to visualise the distribution of the data and its probability density.

This chart is a combination of a Box Plot and a Density Plot that is rotated and placed on each side (to show the distribution shape of the data). The white dot in the middle is the median value and the thick black bar in the centre represents the interquartile range. The thin black line extending from it represents the upper (max) and lower (min) adjacent values in the data. Sometimes the graph marker is clipped from the end of this line.

Box Plots are limited in their display of the data, as their visual simplicity tends to hide significant details about how values in the data are distributed. For example, with Box Plots, you can't see if the distribution is bimodal or multimodal. While Violin Plots display more information, they can be visually noisier than Box Plots.




violin plot

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violin plot