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Check Out the New YouTube Channel

I’ve recently created a new YouTube channel dedicated to displaying all the chart reference pages in a video format. I’ve never really used YouTube as a content creator before, so I thought I’d give it a try and see how it goes.

For now I’ve called the channel “The DataViz Cat”. Both as a shorthand name and as a way to give it a bit of character. People like cats and so does the Internet. Maybe this name will change, but I just thought I would try something people would remember better.

As of writing this blog post, I have 10 videos on the channel and the playlist that plays all the chart video guides together. Some people prefer to learn via videos, so once all 60 videos are complete, you’ll be able to learn all the information on through this format.

I’m not sure this is something I will dedicate a huge amount to time to, but I thought I’d experiment with a new medium. On Twitter, there’s a very active dataviz community presence, but from what I’ve seen on YouTube, there doesn’t seem to as much life going on.

If this channel does develop and grow, then I could possibly use it to produce more video content related to design and dataviz, and maybe even start live-streaming, doing interviews, etc.

Anyway, if you want to see that happen, then please subscribe and like as many videos as you can!  Here’s the playlist below:

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