Data Visualization Icon Expansion Set


  • GBP: £30.50
  • EUR: €35.81

Contains 55 new data visualization icons, which are not currently displayed on

All icons come in SVG file format that allows you to:

  • Allows you to change the icon size without losing image quality
  • Edit image forms in vector-based image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator
  • Change the colours to whatever you desire

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This icon pack contains these icons:

100% Stacked Bar Chart Icon
Alluvial Diagram Icon 1
Alluvial Diagram Icon 2
Arc Dot Chart Icon
Area Bands Icon
Barbell Plot Icon
Barcode Plot Icon
Bean Plot Icon
Bee Swarm Box Plot Icon
Box Percentile Plot Icon
Box & Whisker Plot Icon 2
Bubble Matrix Icon
Bullet Graph Icon 2
Bump Chart Icon
Change Bar Chart Icon
Choropleth Map Icon 2
Circular Gauge Icon
Circular Tree Diagram Icon
Confidence Strips Icon
Connected Scatterplot Icon
Control Chart Icon
Demers Cartogram Icon
Dorling Map Icon
Dot Distribution Plot Icon
Dot Graph Icon
Flow Map Icon 2
Funnel Chart Icon
Gantt Chart Icon 2
Graded Error Bars Icon
Heatmap Icon 2
Hive Plot Icon
Horizon Plot Icon
Icicle Diagram Icon
Line Graph Icon 2
Lollipop Chart Icon
Marimekko Chart Icon 2
Notched Box Plot Icon
Pareto Chart Icon
Pictogram Chart Icon 2
Q-Q Plot Icon
Ranged Area Graph Icon
Renko Chart Icon
Slopegraph Icon
Split Bar Chart Icon
Stacked Bar Chart Icon
Ternary Graph Icon
Tile Grid Map Icon
Unit Area Chart Icon
Unit Chart Icon 1
Unit Chart Icon 2
Vase Plot Icon
Voronoi Icon
Waffle Chart Icon
Waterfall Chart Icon
Win-Loss Chart Icon