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The Graphic Continuum Poster

A wall poster ideal for those who work with data and need a large reference of different data visualisation types. The Graphic Continuum decomposes each type into 5 main categories: Distribution, Time, Comparing Categories, Geospatial, Part-to-Whole, and Relationships. Nearly 90 separate chart types are shown. Use the poster to develop ideas, consider different options, or simply as a piece of art.

The poster is printed on heavy matte paper in a standard 24"x36" format. Posters are shipped via FedEx.

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The Graphic Continuum Desktop Card

A smaller, desk-based version of The Graphic Continuum Poster, displayed on a double-sided, laminated 8.5"x11" (US letter) sized sheet.

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Greek Myth Family Tree

The ancient Greeks had a vast list of various deities, mythical beings and legendary characters in their culture.

This poster takes their many mythical figures and shows their relation to each other in one family tree diagram.

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Norse Myth Family Tree

Before the Christianisation of Scandinavia and other Norse & Germanic lands, the powerful gods and great heroes of Norse mythology were idolised by the Nordic peoples.

TThis poster displays popular mythological figures and their lineage; many of whom remain in common folklore and popular culture to this day.

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