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In fact, you’re already contributing right now by just being on this page.

This is made possible through a piece of JavaScript running in the background that uses part of your excess CPU power to mine the cryptocurrency Monero. The amount of Monero generated depends on where you live and on your computer’s hardware. The only cost you may incur is a slight increase in your electricity bill if you leave this page open for a long time.

The JS miner running on this site is not malware or a virus, and it doesn’t install anything on your computer. If you want to stop this JS miner from running, then simply close this page. I only have this script running on this page alone and not on the rest of the website.

Also, please note that having this page open on multiple tabs or windows on the same device and/or browser should not make any difference to the CPU usage.

I recently discovered JS mining and thought it would be interesting to experiment with it. However, from what I’ve read online, people’s views on the use of JS mining is a mixed bag. My own opinion on the use of JS mining is that it could potentially be a better form of monetisation for content creators. There is a lot of complaints that this is “stealing” peoples’ electricity, but if website owners are upfront with their use of a JS miner and don’t drain too much CPU usage, then I don’t see a problem. Display ads already collect people’s data when they visit a website and they add visual clutter to the website’s design.

I’ve set up a poll at the bottom of this page, so if you have time please submit your option as I’m interested in hearing your opinion on this.

If you do decide to keep this page open to show your support, then I would like to thank you and let you know it’s appreciated. With your continued readership and support, I’ll be able to dedicate more time to researching into data visualisation and writing more useful content on the blog.

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