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The First Blog Post: A New Era!

Welcome! This will be the blog for the website. I thought it was about time to try something different now that I’ve researched into sixty different charts. Repetition gets banal, so I thought I’d make a change in direction and try exploring down other avenues. So this will be my attempt at starting a blog.

But don’t worry, I’ll continue to research into different charts, but I will be tackling other aspects of data visualisation, as well some other topics such as design, human perception and any news related to the website.

Because much of the original website is hard-coded (mostly in basic HTML and CSS), it’s quite time-consuming to update regularly. I wasn’t planning for the website to become big, so I never bothered building the website with a content-management system (CMS) in place.

A blog would an alternative way for me to continue writing, that would allow me to continue sharing my thoughts and findings in a less time-consuming way. Because I would like for the website to continue to grow, I thought a blog would be a great way to provide nourishment.

Having a blog also provides me with a place to display my findings on how people use the website. It could a good way to interact with my audience and users of the website. That’s assuming many of them won’t engaging in shitposting!

But anyway, another reason for me starting this blog, is to improve my writing skills.

I’ve already noticed the difference in quality between the older chart reference pages I did and the last dozen or so. The newer pages are more in depth and knowledgeable for sure. I’ve also noticed that my researching skills and the way I covered charts has improved from the start of the project. I think I’ve been able to articulate my descriptions better as well because I noticed this when I went through all the website content again to produce the offline version ebook.

Continuing to write, will provide me practice and in-turn experience, that will temper this skill into something more refined, and finely crafted. I hope after a year of writing, I will be able to look back and see a significant improvement in the quality of what I’m writing. I’m also looking to increase the rate at which I can write at, as now I feel I’m slow.

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