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Mastering Graphs for Adobe Illustrator Pros

If you’re already somewhat experienced in using Illustrator and you want to master the Graph Tools to improve your data visualization skills on the application, then please read on. However, if you haven’t got a basic working knowledge of using Illustrator, then this other course would be better suited for you.

So maybe you’re a graphic designer who wants to transition into the world of data visualization and infographics. You may have already been using Illustrator for years now, but don’t know how to use the graph tools properly or at all.

Or maybe you have some experience with the Graph Tools but want to master them. Many users of Illustrator aren’t fully aware of the applications graph drawing capabilities. Do you know that you can combine two graphs together (without ungrouping or creating separate graphs), use custom point markers or bars, or export your graph into a responsive HTML file?

People who are not savvy with the Graph Tools often ungroup their graphs to change the styling when they don’t need to. Ungrouping a graph disables the ability the update the data on the graph, destroying any chance of reusing that graph in the future.

If any of the above fits you and you’re looking to become a graphing wiz on Illustrator, then the course below is ideal for you.

Students who enter this course will also learn about each chart type covered, such as its usefulness for particular types of data, any strengths and weakness, and general best charting practices. Students will also learn how to ‘hack’ the Graph Tools to produce additional types of charts.

Below is an outline of the course content:

Data Visualisation
– Info-graphics VS Data Visualisation
– Understanding Each Chart
– Best Charting Practices

The Graph Tools
– The Graph Data Window
– Column Graph Tool and Bar Graph Tool
– Stacked Column Graph Tool and Stacked Bar Graph Tool
– Line Graph Tool
– Area Graph Tool
– Scatter Graph Tool
– Pie Graph Tool
– Radar Graph Tool

Format and Customise The Graph Tools
– Graph Type Menu
– Graph Design Menu
– Graph Column Menu
– Graph Marker Menu
– Combine Different Graph Types
– Modifying Drawn Graphs

Exploiting The Graph Tools to Create Additional Charts
– Creating a Dot Plot
– Creating a Unit Chart or Pictogram Chart
– Creating a Dot Distribution Plot or Barcode Plot
– Creating Proportional Area Chart
– Creating a Slopegraph >

Making Charts Responsive
– How to use ai2html

– – –

If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry, then please get in touch.

Currently, I can only provide this course in-person or through live-online training. You can find other courses I offer training in here.

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