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A Post on Bar Charts…
I Mean Charts in Bars!

Back in early summer of 2016, I made a couple of discoveries in my travels around Estonia. I’m a keen beer drinker (as well other alcoholic beverages) so I like to try out different bars. Not only to try out the local produce but to also open up the possibility to meet and speak to locals and travellers alike.

But aside from that, I noticed the phenomenon of charts in bars, which I have documented in this post. They’re usually alcohol related of course, but I think it’s interesting that charts might become a popular decoration in bars and pubs.

Apologies upfront about the photo quality: these were taken in low light and on an old phone camera.

The first chart in a bar I discovered was this diagram that categorised all the different types of beer in a sort of family tree. It took up the entire height of the wall in a bar in Pärnu called WIRRE. Maybe this is based on an already existing graphic?

charts in bars

I found this next chart behind the bar in an Irish pub in Tallinn. It maps out the flavours of various whisky brands by their position on the chart. I can imagine this being useful when you’re standing at the bar and can’t decide what whisky to get.

charts in bars

I haven’t got a lot of other examples left you to show you, but I’ll need to keep an eye out if I see any more charts in a bar or pub!


Update 30/09/2018 – Strefa Piwa Pub

Here I found a beer family tree painted on the arched ceiling of the Strefa Piwa Pub in Kraków, Poland.

charts in bars

charts in bars


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