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Looking Deeper at Chart Types with Visualoop

Back in 2015 I contributed a series of blog posts to Visualoop that looked deeper into each of the chart type I had already covered by looking into them in a bit more detail and at their history.


If you’re not familiar with Visualoop, it’s a website dedicated to showcasing the best pieces of infographic design and data visualizations, as well as featuring various designers in the industry. It’s both a great resource for designers looking for inspiration and also as a useful news source in the world of infographics and dataviz.

Anyway, here’s the list of blog post I contributed, which I think will be useful if you want to read into each of these charts more:


A Look at Arc Diagrams


A Look at Area Graphs


A Look at Bar Graphs


A Look at Box Plots


A Look at Bubble Charts


A Look at Choropleth Maps

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