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Chart Types

Posts related to my documented research into the different charts types that I’ve discovered.

While I’m no longer updating the main page with new visualization methods, I’m still continuing to research into different chart types, which you can find in these posts below.

3d maps

Further Exploration #3
3D Maps

In the last two posts (#1 and #2), I specifically looked a range of 3D charts, but didn’t included any 3D maps to display geographical […]


Further Exploration #2
3D Charts (Part 2)

In Further Exploration #1, I looked at charts that visualise data in 3D. In this post, I will continue to showcase and catalogue the different […]


3d charts

Further Exploration #1
3D Charts (Part 1)

While it appears that I’ve covered a huge number amount charts on the main page, there is still an abundance of different charts out there that I have […]